Dog Health – Bad Breath Can Mean Serious Health Problems for Your Dog

Dog Health - Bad Breath Can Mean Serious Health Problems For Your Dog

If you are a dog owner and you notice a very repulsive odor in your dog’s breath, the best thing to do is to bring him to a veterinarian. By doing so, you can be assured that you pet will receive the best care from a professional. You should not attempt to administer any treatments on your own because you might be doing more harm than good to your pet.

A veterinarian is the right person to check your dog’s bad breath. Certainly, he or she will be able to make a more accurate diagnosis of the problem and point out the root cause of the foul odor. Specific diagnostic procedures will be followed and several steps will be taken before the primary cause can be identified.

Typically, the vet will be asking for the record of your dog’s medical history. There are some instances that the bad breath may be caused by any possible illness in the past that may have come back. For these instances, it would certainly help if you keep all of your dog’s medical records for future reference. Animal doctors would make good use of the information contained in these records.

A complete and systematic oral examination will most likely be the next thing that your dog will have to go through. More often than not, the reason of the foul odor is in the mouth. Any abscesses and rotten teeth are the most probable causes of bad breath in dogs. Any swelling in the gums and between teeth is usually the result of the accumulation of bacteria and germs. If it is found that an abscess is the cause, immediate remedy should be administered. The bad breath will surely go away once the swelling has been treated. Pus extraction from the cavity might be done along with a mild anesthetic. Antibiotic may also be required to make sure that the problem is solved.

The irritation in the dog’s gums is known as periodontitis and it can be detected only with periodontal probing in order to check for more signs of abnormality and infection. There are times when the dog’s mouth will be subjected to full x-ray if it is suggested by your dog’s vet. There may be more serious and complicated reasons outside the oral region causing the bad breath in your dog. In a few cases, kidney, lungs or diabetes problems may be the cause and, for this reason, a more thorough check-up may be required.

And just like in humans, prevention is better than cure. So make it a habit to brush your dog’s teeth to prevent any problems like this.

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