How Do You Take Care of Shih Tzu?

My Daddy and I found a Free Shih tzu, and I want to know how to take care of a Shih tzu. Also find pet meds that are dirt cheap. If you how or where please answer.

1.) Pet meds are not dirt cheap- any that are will likely be watered down, black market, or otherwise not up to industry standards.
2.) Taking care of a shih tzu takes a huge committment- the dog must be brushed daily- and not just with a slicker brush. A slicker will only graze the top of the hair, and the hair underneath will get matted- you will have to use a comb to get down to the skin. The dog must be groomed every 4-8 weeks- and if the dog gets matted because it’s not properly brushed out, it’s quite painful for the dog.

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